Tratament termic lemn Uscare industriala a produselor din lemn Transport marfa

Our services are strictly related to our products. These services are provided only when we sell our products. We do not provide separate services for other companies' products. In other words: we transport, design, dry or heat treat only our products, resulted from our own production.

For PALLETS, we offer design services to optimise clients' procurement costs. Moreover, for this product category, we can provide heat treatment and drying.

For TIMBER, we provide both high-quality industrialised drying and heat treatment (or antiseptics). We do NOT provide steaming for this product category.

For FIREWOOD, we provide drying on request.

For all product categories, we transport them to the client, anywhere in the world.

Our services are focused on our products so that, when a client buys a product from us, the client needs absolutely nothing to be able to use it:

  • if a client needs our help to configure a product correctly, we offer the necessary consultancy free of charge, including product drawings.
  • if a client has problems with a product that does not stand up to use, we find where the problem is, modify or radically change the product so that problems no longer occur.
  • if a client needs a product to be dried or heat treated against wood pests, our company has an industrial dryer capable of meeting all requirements in the field (so the client will not have to buy a product from us and then call another company to do the drying and/or heat treatment).
  • if a client wants, we can take care of the transport, saving them from another hassle.

In other words, our services provide clients with all the necessary comfort, starting from design to delivery at the best price.

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