As a secondary activity, our company produces timber from beech and softwood.

We take orders for products in this category only if we have free production capacity remaining from the "Pallets" category. Long-term collaborations are also possible. Please contact us to provide you with information if we have free capacity for timber at this time.

As an example, since it was founded, out of the total production resulting from logs, our company has manufactured 77% pallets and 23% timber, of which 75% beech timber, 23% softwood timber (fir, spruce, pine, douglas) and 2% timber from other species (mainly poplar and linden).

Given we work with state-of-the-art technology, we offer our clients the advantage of high quality cutting with minimum permissible tolerances.

We can provide edged or unedged timber of variable sizes depending on request. Since we also make pallets, we offer the advantage of a better price for timber because log parts that are not compliant for timber are not thrown to waste but made into pallets. Thus, a log is used to the maximum possible extent and the resulting products “help” each other to reach a better price.

Our timber is (traditionally) divided into four quality classes: A, AB, B and C.

Beech timber cut sizes: Long (TAL), Short (TAS), Shorter (TASS).

We also make (softwood) construction timber: beams, rafters, cabinets, boards and slats.

If necessary, we can dry timber down to a moisture content of 14% or thermally treat it according to the phytosanitary rules of the IPPC standard - ISPM15.

We ensure the transport of beech timber only on large lorries and for construction timber as the case may be (depending on the ordered quantity) on large, medium or small lorries, throughout the country.