We sell four categories of palletised firewood:
- split firewood,
- beech timber firewood,
- beech waste,
- and softwood waste.

The four categories of firewood result mainly from our main activity - pallets - but also from our secondary activity - timber.

We get split log palletised firewood when the log for pallet manufacturing is of low quality. We need to sort it and remove it from pallet manufacturing if it does not have the minimum quality level for pallet manufacturing. This non-compliant log then gets processed into palletised firewood. Therefore, we cannot guarantee contracts with certain deliveries at a certain time because we cannot know when we get this type of logs. On average, our company processes about 500 cubic meters of logs for palletised firewood per year.

We get beech timber palletised firewood only from our secondary activity - timber and it is the highest quality firewood category that we sell. The high heat output/cubic meter is the strong point for this product. It comes from timber ends, cracked beech heart or with knots. A cubic meter of this firewood will last longer in a boiler and will generate more heat. This firewood is ideal for consumers. It is perfect for household boilers, tile stoves a.s.o.

Palletised beech waste comes from the manufacture of pallets and pallet components. It consists of parts of logs that cannot be processed to obtain finished material (pallet components), such as log caps, and also non-compliant or cut finished material. Unlike split firewood or timber firewood, the amount of beech waste is somewhat constant and we can estimate a regular quantity and provide guaranteed deliveries based on a contract/schedule.

Palletised softwood waste is about 10% of the total amount of firewood we supply. It results from our manufacturing, on a regular basis, since we process softwood on a regular basis for our basic business. We cannot guarantee certain quantities for a certain period given the type of the primary activity from which it comes.

Both palletised log split firewood or timber firewood, as well as palletised beech or softwood waste are packed in standard firewood pallets of 1x1x1.8m, amounting to 1 m3 up to 1.4 m3 of firewood. Depending on the type of merchandise, type of wood, moisture content, a cubic metre of wood material can be between 650 kg and 1.4