Our products are divided into three categories, namely: PALLETS, TIMBER, and FIREWOOD .

  • Pallets are the basic product category. We sell both wooden and plastic pallets.
  • Timber manufacturing is our secondary activity, performed only when we have free production capacity remaining from pallets. We mainly sell softwood timber (fir, douglas, spruce, pine, larch) for construction, but also beech timber, edged or not, green or dry.
  • Firewood results from the production of pallets or timber. In this product category, we sell four types of firewood, beech or thin softwood waste (resulted from the production of pallets and EURO pallets), thick beech waste (resulted from the production of pallets and timber) and palletised firewood (split and packed in standard firewood box-pallets).

Design, implementation, production and sale (especially for Pallets) take into account, first and foremost, the concrete and objective need of the client, namely:

  • We make sure the client will not use an oversized or undersized pallet compared to what they really need. Any undersized or oversized pallet will generate losses for the client: under sizing will lead to pallet loss, because they break, but also the destruction or damage of the goods; with over sizing, the client will pay for a more robust and therefore a more expensive pallet than what the client truly needs.
  • We provide clients not only with the required quality, but also additional services, such as buffer stock in our yard, "just in time" deliveries, emergency deliveries (max. 24 hrs production time + delivery), consultancy to adapt the product to the client’s production process.
  • We ensure the requirements in very high demand periods at any price. No matter our effort or costs, the client must not be left without pallets. We understand that, if the client does not receive their goods on time, they may end up in a situation of even having to stop production and this should be avoided at all costs.
  • We see our product as an integrated part of the production process and of our client's final product. Thus, we continuously improve and optimise our product for the benefit of the client to ensure added value as a result of using our product.

Our portfolio includes top factories from Romania, as well as from the European Union. The oldest client is in our portfolio since 2005, when our company was founded. We can provide new clients with letters of recommendation from old clients in the portfolio so that we can test the claims above.

By choosing to work with us, together with the purchased product you will receive a serious and prompt supplier, focused on your business and your needs!