About Us

Our company, MOUTARDI SRL, was founded in 2005 and has succeeded in over a decade to become one of the most appreciated supplier of pallets and EURO pallets on the market.

This was achieved mainly by:

  • our focus on customers and their needs
  • seriousness, professionalism and on-time deliveries
  • good value for money
  • high quality products
  • related services
  • a good brand image
  • a steadfast and experienced team
  • continuous upgrading of our production technology
  • proper and moral forest exploitation

Our main activity of pallet and EURO pallet production, as well as our secondary activity of timber and firewood production are based on a continuous study effort and understanding our source and selling markets, as well as of the related markets, so as to be able to sell our products at optimised costs (i.e., at a reasonable price), thought for and adapted to our customer needs.

We understand our success primarily depends on our clients’ success and our business, for all products, is focused on the client. We continuously strive to find out the actual needs of our clients and improve our products, the production process and our related services so that we can provide our clients an unbeatable good value for money. We do whatever is needed to make our product exactly as the client wants it, at the right price, delivered by the deadline set by the client. That's how we have managed to sell over 50% of our production capacity to clients we've been working with for over 10 years and we get 50% of new clients by referrals from previous clients.